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Wine Wear, Inc. is a wine accessories company that specializes in décor tailored to fit a wine bottle, decals to decorate wine glasses and custom outfits for wine bottles. Here at Wine Wear we are revolutionizing the way wine is gifted and enjoyed with our Wine bottle Wear, Wine glass Wear and Wine fashion Wear products.

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The patented décor for gifting wine. Simply write a personal greeting on the back of the Wine Wear, slide it over the neck of the bottle and instantly have a unique gift.

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Non adhesive, reusable decals for wine glasses that provide a unique way to identify and decorate your wine glass. It’s a must have accessory for any event. Just place the Wine Wear on your glass and peal it off when done. Dishwasher safe as well.

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Don’t let your bottles go naked. Dress them up for any occasion with our fun and festive clothing line for wine bottles. Our wine outfits make a great gift and decoration.

Use Wine Wear Products for any event, holiday, occasion or just for fun! Check us out on Twitter: @WineWear and on Facebook Wine Wear